Since 2009, our company has been a leader in web and graphic design services, search engine optimisation, and branding. We effectively manage your online and offline presence through a comprehensive range of media and print services that will ensure your company is always ahead of the game. Not only can we create everything you need – we keep it all running like clockwork.

Our creative team is continually researching new technologies to guarantee both our company and yours are industry pioneers. Being a young team, we bring huge amounts of energy and enthusiasm to every project and gain great satisfaction from producing unique web and print identities that capture the very best your company has to offer.

Based in Fremantle, Perth, we are locally owned and operated. Our team is proud of its growing reputation as being at the forefront of new, exciting and original designs that will allow your company to stand out as being exceptional in its field.

To make the right impression, attract a worldwide audience and increase revenue, make Creative Canary your first point of call.

“I always aim to design something my clients are exceptionally proud of and which motivates them to share it with others – likewise, I am proud to put it into my portfolio. Every unique design we produce is a success shared and enjoyed by both our clients and ourselves”

– Phil La Rosa Creative Director

Phil La Rosa

creative director

A maker at heart, Phil is Creative Canary’s “Big Bird.” After years in the design industry, he decided to make his dream reality and formed Creative Canary, his own dedicated design agency and creative consultancy. After working for a diverse list of marketing companies, both as a freelancer and staff member, he had the experience to form an agency aimed at bringing its clients to new heights with creative innovation.

Using his passion for all forms of visual communication, Phil began developing his skills at the age of ten, when he designed a website for the local vocal studio where he trained.

From there, he channelled both his talent and enthusiasm for design. Upon leaving school, embarked on a journey as a creative entrepreneur. After studies in Multimedia and Network Communications, Phil began work as a freelance graphic and web designer in Perth’s southern suburbs, with the launch of CPM Designs. His client list grew rapidly and he joined forces with the local IT company, Accelerate Group, where he became the Senior Designer in their Accelerate Media division.

Two years later he became the Senior Designer at M2 Technology designing visual campaigns, websites, and marketing materials for established and reputable brands such as Telstra, Harvey World Travel, Helloworld, P&N Bank and Phramacy777. In 2015 Phil decided to take a leap of faith in his design abilities, inspired by his many satisfied customers and launched Creative Canary in O’Connor, near Fremantle.

His first major client was Espresso Works – he produced all their digital, marketing and printing material, and continues to do so. The company’s client base has since expanded significantly and today, with a team of three creative experts, Creative Canary successfully embarks on an extensive range of design projects.

Phil has ensured Creative Canary has a community focus from the outset and regularly contributes to charities such as the PMH Foundation, World’s Greatest Shave and Movember for Men’s Health. Another important charity Creative Canary supports is the Think Fragile X Foundation which raises money for sufferers of the Fragile X Syndrome; a genetic condition that causes intellectual disability, as well as behavioural and learning challenges in children.

Anthony Boschman

senior creative

As a long-time friend and collaborator of Phil’s, Anthony was the perfect choice to join the nest at Creative Canary as Senior Creative. With a passion for design that pops and a focus on the latest and greatest in technology, he’s our resident lateral thinker and solution finder. If there is ever anything anyone needs on a website and it doesn’t seem possible, Anthony will dig deep into his website knowledge and pull out an amazing and innovative answer.

Growing up with a tech-savvy dad, Anthony learned the excitement of technology’s possibility early. In his youth, he invested a great amount of time in designing logos, graphics and t-shirts. Anthony took up studies in Multimedia and after completing his study, landed his first gig designing at FHE Hockey. While there, he managed multiple brands and designed everything from logos, websites and uniforms to hockey sticks, sporting equipment and other apparel. In 2013 he was tapped on the shoulder by Select Sports and continued his passion for design, working with new brands.

In 2016 he launched his own freelance design business, Cheeky Pineapple, where his client list included FHE Hockey, Select Sports, VooDoo Hockey, Gryphon Hockey and Bristo Uniforms. During this time Anthony also worked on multiple projects with Creative Canary and was soon asked to bring his experience and creative talent to the design team.

James Prefumo

graphic designer

James is the newest addition to the Creative Canary design team and began his design career in 2015 while studying Ancient History and French at UWA. James produced logos, graphics, and print designs for several student societies, and the UWA Student Guild.

Following his interest in the Guild, he volunteered with the Events Department and Public Affairs Council, helping to produce designs for musical festivals and other prominent university events. James later worked as the design and branding consultant for the Student Team About Results during the Guild elections. It was during this busy period while creating branding and designing extensive promotional material, that he realised he wanted to channel his talent and passion for design into professional full-time work.

James moved to Curtin University to study in Graphic Design and Illustration and in early 2017 began working as a freelance designer for Global Salon Marketing, Josh Kallmeyer, and several not-for-profit organisations.

James brought his knowledge and understanding of culture, society, art and design, to his work. James values the impact of imagery, and sees design as a tool for innovative communication that can say far more than just the words on it. As a fast learner, he is always excited to create and develop, and to build upon what he already knows to make every project as powerful and unique as the last.

Jack Cameron

office manager

Since 2012, Jack has been behind the scenes part-time at Creative Canary, quietly keeping the administrative gears turning. When a database needs managing, documents need archiving, or schedules need prioritisation, Jack takes it all in his stride.

Jack’s not all papers and numbers though, he’s as much a part of the team as anyone else. His contribution and coffees keep the designs flowing, and the team moving. His compassion, that serves him so well as an enrolled nurse, is one of the many ways he supports the Creative Canary team.

By combining their unique skills, experience and talent, Phil, Anthony and James are a dynamic trio and a potent powerhouse of ideas and creativity that will produce precisely what you imagined, and then some.



Raised for
Leukemia Foundation, The Movember Foundation, PMH Foundation, Think Fragile X Foundation and more!