Creative Canary leads the way in the development and design of your business and corporate brand. We specialise in effectively managing your online and offline presence through a comprehensive range of media and print services.

Since launching in 2009, we are continuously optimising our skills when it comes to web design, e-commerce, branding and print solutions. Our dedicated and creative team work hard every day to produce unique web and print identities from start to finish, to perfectly suit your business.

As a local business, we pride ourselves on being able to provide the technical and design support you deserve, and we have grown an enviable reputation for delivering on that promise every time. If your business wants to make the right impression, increase revenue, attract a worldwide audience and stand out from the competition – make us your first point of call.


A maker at heart, Phil is Creative Canary’s “Big Bird”. After years in the design industry working for a diverse list of boutique marketing companies and not a small amount of time spent freelancing, Phil decided to launch into the world his vision of a dedicated design agency, an agency focused on breathing life into clients’ ideas and overcoming their digital obstacles.

Carrying a passion for all forms of visual communication, Phil developed his interest in designing websites at the age of 10 (yes, websites were a thing when Phil was 10) when he designed his first website for the local vocal studio where he trained… oh, did we mention that Phil can sing too!? From there, Phil chose to channel his enthusiasm and left school to start studying what he loves.

Phil’s passion quickly became a career as he embarked on a journey as a self-starter and creator. After studies in Multimedia and Network Communications, Phil started working as a freelance graphic and web designer in Perth’s southern suburbs with the launch of CPM Designs as a fresh-faced 18 year old. As the client list grew, he joined forces with local IT Company Accelerate Group where he took up the position of Senior Designer in their newly created division – Accelerate Media. This allowed Phil to give his clients the full attention and unbeatable turnaround times he wanted.

After two years of running Accelerate Media, Phil was chasing further experience in the industry and took on the role as Senior Designer at M2 Technology, designing visual campaigns, websites and marketing materials for established brands such as Telstra, Harvey World Travel, helloworld, P&N Bank, Professionals, Pharmacy777 and more.

In 2015, Phil re-launched his design business, this time with an expanded vision. And thus, Creative Canary was born, with key client Espresso Works providing the maiden project in the way of full-time design for all their digital needs, marketing and printing collateral. During this time, Phil, then a one man band, was cramming as much experience as he could into each day, working a full-time contract with Espresso Works and then into the night on his other loyal clients’ projects.

Then, fresh from the completion of Creative Canary’s first major project, Phil turned his eye to expansion and growth, first by setting up Canary’s first nest in O’Connor during 2016 and later, a new addition made to the staff list.

From the beginning, Phil has been dedicated to ensuring Creative Canary has a community focus. Since opening up the nest, Creative Canary has contributed to charity and community organisations like the PMH Foundation, World’s Greatest Shave and Movember for Men’s Health.


As a long-time friend and collaborator of Phil’s (not to mention a fellow self-starter), Anthony was the perfect choice to join the nest at Creative Canary as Senior Creative. With a passion for design that pops and a focus on the latest and greatest in technology, he’s our resident lateral thinker and solution finder. If there is ever anything anyone needs on a website and it doesn’t seem possible, Anthony will dig deep into his website knowledge and pull out a great answer.

Growing up with a tech-savvy dad, Anthony learned the excitement of technology’s possibility early. And when not getting to grips with everything Internet, young Anthony spent a large amount of time designing logos, graphics and t-shirts for his friends. It was no surprise then when he sought to channel his creativity and interest in the web with a career in design.

Anthony took up studies in Multimedia and although this is where he first met Phil, their careers took separate paths from there. After completing his study, Anthony first landed a gig designing at FHE Hockey, where he managed multiple brands and designed everything from logos, websites, uniforms, hockey sticks, sporting equipment and other apparel. In 2013, he was tapped on the shoulder by Select Sports, and continued his passion for design working with new brands..

Then, in 2016, after years in the design industry, Anthony began turning his childhood hobby into a fulltime career, starting up his own freelance business – Cheeky Pineapple.

It wasn’t too long after setting up shop that old and new contacts started popping up in Anthony’s inbox and he found his client list growing: FHE Hockey, Select Sports, VooDoo Hockey, Gryphon Hockey and Bristo Uniforms are a few of the brands Anthony completed work for during this period. Oh, and one other client is worth mentioning – Creative Canary.

After helping out on multiple contract projects, it was time for Anthony to officially join the nest and bring his experience and talent to Creative Canary. Now, as a close-knit team, Creative Canary has a shared vision. We collaborate, listen and ultimately, because we come from a diversity of experiences and backgrounds, inspire each other’s thinking and ideas to deliver the best tailor made designs and concepts that fit our core values.

Above all else, like everyone involved with Creative Canary, Anthony loves what he does.


PMH Foundation Abseil

$1070+ Raised

World’s Greatest Shave

$1600+ Raised

Movemeber for Men’s Health

$1060+ Raised


Google Partner

Australian Web Industry Association

Australian Graphic Design Association