Fully managed Domain registration from Creative Canary

Registering your website’s domain name is one of the most important aspects of managing your business. It is yours and yours alone, so selecting and registering your domain gives you exclusive ownership. Of course, the other side of the coin is that if you delay in getting your chosen domain name registered, somebody else could steal a march and claim it ahead of you. Don’t be beaten to the punch; register your domain with a hosting provider you can trust.

Why we are one of the top domain hosting providers in Australia

Our domain hosting is fully managed and we can guarantee a comprehensive service that differentiates us from your average Joe domain provider. We manage every step of the process, including setup, registration and renewals, so if technical expertise isn’t your forte, fear not as we will happily take care of all the advanced technical aspects for you.

As domain hosting providers go, you’ll be hard pressed to find a more complete service than ours, and we are available at any time to help you with any domain registration queries you may have.

The importance of registering a domain name

Think of your website domain as a virtual address for your company. Whenever an Internet user types your domain into the address bar at the top of their browser, it is your website that they will land upon. The same user can also contact you via an email address that bears your domain name, so any emails they send will arrive directly to your inbox.

The three main considerations when selecting a domain name should be the location of your business (e.g. Perth, Sydney), the industry in which you operate and, of course, the name of your company. Any business that operates in Australia should get an .au domain, the most common of which is .com.au, as this will entice searches within Australia. If you operate overseas too, then it is best to drop the .au extension.