WordPress Website Design & Development from Creative Canary

WordPress is the world’s leading platform for open source blogging and content management systems (CMS), which is no surprise given its ease of use, slickness of operation and high scope for customisation.

At Creative Canary, our team of WordPress web designers and developers will design a customised website for you through the ubiquitous WordPress platform. We will ensure that it is made to your most exact specifications and accurately conveys your branding, which we know is of the utmost importance to you.

What makes us the best WordPress web design company?

We do much more than just set up your website through WordPress. We specialise in installing a customised theme and getting you up and running on the web. Also, if you have an existing WordPress site that you want to redesign, hand it over to us and we’ll do all the work that is necessary, whether it’s a few simple adjustments or a complete overhaul for a fresher site.

Of course, the sleekest-looking website in the world isn’t much use if it encounters technical problems repeatedly. We will take the time to test the website on every conceivable device and browser after all design and development work to guarantee that it is functioning the way it should. This isn’t just a fleeting box-checking exercise, either; we’ll perform each test several times to verify that it meets the standards to which we hold ourselves and to which clients have a right to expect from us.

This all adds up to one clear and simple conclusion – if you want fully-tailored WordPress website development that passes rigorous quality control testing and combines practicality with aesthetic appeal, you should place your trust in Creative Canary.