Website Design Trends in 2017

Website Design Trends in 2017 | Perth Website Designer | Creative Canary

Website Design Trends in 2017

So let’s have a chat about the website design trends in 2017. Web design is constantly evolving and as the designers behind this world of ‘cryptic coding’, we can’t fall behind. Every year it seems as though web design trends are revolutionised, and 2017 is no exception. But don’t let that scare you because we are about to take you for a ride on the web trending train. Lame I know. Hang on though, when we are done with you, the web design trends of 2017 will be the least of your worries.


First stop, collaboration between the designers and developers. In todays society web design has become increasingly influential with shaping the brand perception of your business. With the continual rise of online and mobile apps, emphasis on functionality and aethetics has surfaced.

It has now become evident that you can’t have one without the other when it comes to the web designer and the web developer. As web design continues to grow and transform so will the collaboration.  There are many benefits that come from having the two skill sets. Looking at a website from a coding and design point of view can assist in finding the flaws as well as the strengths in a website, resulting in a well rounded website vision.

This is where we come in. At Creative Canary we offer the best of both worlds with our joint coding and graphic design skills. Your one stop shop for a beautiful and functional website in 2017.


You’ve probably heard the saying ‘Content is King’. This statement is well renowned in the industry of web design, but what exactly is content? Content in regards to website design refers to all of the images, web ads, products, blogs, videos and much more. However the content should be concise and written for the web audience.

Adding interactivity to your content makes for a more memorable website compared to others and will keep clients engaged for longer. Interactive content is beneficial for the brand, one in particular is the use of an interactive messenger on the site. Messenger integration is commonly seen on larger websites that sell products to customers worldwide. This form of interactivity can be seen as a great way to engage visitors of the website. Particularly when it comes to customer service the messenger is a great example of fast, reliable communication. In a society where there are no longer wait ques for anything, you don’t even have to wait for your coffee if you pre order, having an instant messanger function on your website could be key to increased conversions.


Now to our final stop, video in 2017. As statistics show, 88% of Internet users spend more time on a website that features video content. The combination of animation and sound on your website can guaranteee to keep your online audience enagaged. But what does that mean for your website design? Thanks to the increase in video popularity in 2017, website designers are working with new ways to integrate the website design, functionality and video.

Background videos on the homepage of your site are again becoming increasingly popular in 2017. However, if implemented incorrectly can cause a high bounce rate. Potential clients may leave your site before they’ve even begun their journey. Animation provides a popular alternative to video with the same visual effects.

We’ve all seen the mouse over animation effect when it comes to website menus and feature articles. In 2017 website designers are taking mouse over one step further by using the functionality to activate videos. Surprise your client and launch your branding video with just the hover of a mouse.

Side note, make sure your website is loading within a suitable time frame to avoid a high bounce rate. Your website designer can advise you of the best size imagery and videos to load to avoid slow website load times.

And now we’ve arrived at our destination (hey, no eye rolling please). Look no no further than Creative Canary for all your website design needs in 2017.

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